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Shih Tzu love by Ui-Azuma Shih Tzu love by Ui-Azuma
Edit again: I made the Shih Tzu's coat more golden than orange, it's meant to be a golden Shih Tzu after all not red.

Edit: I made his skin lighter now <3 but maybe... a little too light..... ah well at least it is lighter than before anyway. XD


I was going to draw my Oborie that i had brought but i have tried several times to draw him an no use T_T (yet anyway) he is to hard to draw on paper, i might try and draw him again later on on tablet (if i can.. drawing on tablet is hard for me, but i gotta practice otherwise i will not get anywhere.) 

Anyways i was looking/saving Shih Tzu pin's on pinterest yesterday and... well... bam this little guy happend. xD
I originally drew two Shih Tzu's beside him (and started to draw Shih Tzu puppys too ( OMG!! to much xD)) but i scrapped him, thought it would look better with only one (especially since the other one turned out naff/did not look right) so i cut it out and left only one in the picture.

The Shih Tzu in the picture is a blue Shih Tzu cause of his nose, Blue Shih Tzu are considered blue even if the coat colour is not blue itself, same implies to liver Shih Tzu (Liver Shih Tzu are determined by they're noses not coat colour) though i don't think you can get a blue Shih Tzu with white and gold coat's, xD not sure....

Um..... yea... that's a snood around his neck not a scarf if anybody is wondering, he also has a short fluffy coat on, a blouse and shorts.
I think  the skin colour is not light enough... might change it later on.

Notes: have not drawn or made up a Shih Tzu in FOREVER!!!!!! 

I like making up Shih Tzu. :) even if im rubbish at creating OC's. xD

Random Shih Tzu Kemonomimi and Shih Tzu companion is (c) Me :iconui-azuma:
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